Welcome to Health Stores UK

We provide a collective voice and strength to independent healthstores

Welcome to Health Stores UK

We provide a collective voice and strength to independent healthstores

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Webinar Wednesdays 29th May – Shop Talk with Joanne Hill from Amaranth Store talking with Orley Moyal, from BioNature – Terra Nova about Mens’ Health


Male health and well-being are multifaceted concepts that encompass various physical, mental, and social aspects of men’s lives. In this presentation we will explore key factors affecting all aspects of male health, going beyond mere absence of illness and incorporating overall physical fitness, emotional resilience, and a positive sense of self.

We will also delve into a range of conditions that specifically affect men, requiring unique considerations for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, whilst also emphasizing the importance of awareness, early detection, and proactive lifestyle choices.

By prioritizing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and seeking professional help when needed, men can take charge of their health and feel empowered to face any of life’s challenges with ease and confidence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Brief overview of the male anatomy and physiology
  • Explore key conditions affecting male health & well-being incl. Stress, Cardiovascular Disease, Prostate & Sexual Health
  • Determine root causes & risk factors associated with these key conditions, to establish awareness and proactive, preventative protocols.
  • Combine our understanding of Diet, Nutrition & Nature (Herbs) with the latest Scientific innovations & research to provide complete and holistic support.

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