Health Stores UK urges brands to flag up indie health stores

In a new initiative which aims to promote specialist retailers, Health Stores UK is urging natural and organic brands to clearly highlight in their advertising when products are available in independent health stores.

To this end, Health Stores UK has designed a series of badges featuring the phrase ‘Available From Independent Health Stores’ that brands can use in their consumer and trade ad campaigns.

“It would be great to see more specialist health brands making it clear in their advertising – whether in print or online – that their products are widely available from local, independent health food stores,” says the trade association‘s co-chair, Len Glenville. “Some brands already do this, but others only specifically mention Boots, Superdrug and the supermarkets.

“If more brands proactively flag up the specialist retail channel in their ads, we can create an opportunity to direct many more consumers into their local independent health stores. That brings benefits to the whole trade, but for independent retailers it would be a huge boost in these extremely commercially challenging times.”

The ready-made badge artwork is available from Health Stores UK. Brands can email for copies.

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