Olivit ‘excited’ at new partnership with Health Stores UK

Health Stores UK has welcomed prominent supplements distributor Olivit to its Partner programme. Olivit offers products from a roster of over 50 in-demand US brands, including NOW Foods, Nordic Naturals, Jarrow, Swanson, Dr’s Best and many more.

Joe Taylor-Ferguson, Olivit’s sales manager, says the company is “excited to start our partnership”, explaining that “independent bricks and mortar retail stores are the backbone of our industry and Olivit is proud to partner with Health Stores UK who shares the same belief”. 

He adds: “We know the pressures faced by members in these difficult times. Whether it be the popularity of online shopping or the increasing running costs, the challenges faced by independent retail stores are greater than ever.

“Despite all of the challenges faced we know that members provide an essential service in their communities serving their customers with a genuine passion and love for what they do. We want to help support members to help their businesses thrive. We look forward to getting to know all members and are excited to start our partnership with Health Stores UK.

As an official Partner, Olivit will be providing all Health Stores UK members with additional discounts, exclusive deals and a personalised service to support members and help their businesses flourish. 

Welcoming Olivit on board, Health Stores UK Chair, Len Glenville, said: “We’re delighted that Olivit has joined us as a Partner. Olivit’s commitment to independent bricks and mortar retailers make it a great fit with our Association’s values and priorities. We look forward to working closely with them so that our new partnership can offer the best possible support and benefits to our members.” 

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