Spreading the word about Health Stores UK

We were delighted when one our of highly valued Partners, Natural Trade Brokers (NTB), recently offered to help us to spread the word about Health Stores UK and encourage more of you to join us as members.

Every retailer who joins Health Stores UKplays a vital role in supporting the work we do on behalf of the independent health food channel. The more members we have, the more work we can do for you – and the stronger our voice is. NTB, with its impressive national reach Into the independent health food retail trade, is perfectly placed to help us do this. 

NTB reps have been briefed on the impressive and growing range of benefits that Health Stores UK membership brings, and will be taking information leaflets into stores when they make calls. They’ll also be offering some exclusive discounts on membership for retailers who sign up in-store. So, we very much hope that we’ll be welcoming more of you board over the coming months. 

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