Window of opportunity: Unlocking the potential of your shop windows

Shop windows serve as a gateway to new customers, offering stores a prime opportunity to advertise. With hundreds of potential customers passing by each day, it’s crucial to consider how the customer journey can be optimized to maximize product offerings from window to till.

Take a moment to reflect on your best selling lines and strategize ways to increase basket spend. Consider the additional products that can drive additional sales and whether the brands currently showcased in the window are the most effective. And don’t forget to explore ideas on how to attract passing trade and whether offering specific brands or supporting local businesses can be beneficial. 

Join Health Stores UK’s  upcoming Workshop – hosted by Take On Goliath founder Dave Christie – to discover how to make the most of your shop window and enhance your in-store merchandising. Together, we’ll help you unlock the full potential of your retail space!

The Workshop takes place on 31st January at 6pm on Zoom. Register for FREE place at – open to all independent retailers. 

Image: Sheaf Street Health store 

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