We welcome two new members with an exciting future 

This month we welcome two new members to the association. Natural Choice describes itself as a traditional health food shop and has been established in historic Knaresborough for 30 years. Demeter Health is a thriving wholefoods store in the heart of Sandbach. 

Both businesses have recently been acquired by allergy and sensitivity testing specialist Healthy Stuff, which says it has exciting plans for both stores. 

Jason Wootton, chairman of the Healthy Stuff Group, says he was keen to join Health Stores UK straight away. “I’m a big a supporter and joiner of trade associations. I’ve worked with these organisations all my life and see the value of them. If you’ve got a problem, or you need information, you can be stumbling around the internet for ages. But if you’re a member you can go straight to the organisation and quickly get the help you need. I really appreciated that joining Health Stores UK was as easy as it was and that the sign-up form was simple and straight to the point.” 

He adds: “I’m really excited about being part of the health food trade, which is such an exciting place to be at the moment, and I look forward to meeting retail colleagues through our membership with Health Stores UK.” 

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