Tell us why YOU are a passionate member of Health Stores UK

This month we are launching a new series of videos aimed at encouraging more retailers to join Health Stores UK. With more members we can increase our impact in the industry and among policymakers. Additional income means that we can do even more to provide a strong, collective voice for independent natural products retailers.

The new videos will be fronted by Health Stores UK members and filmed in their own stores. First up is Cheryl Thallon, owner of Sheaf Street Health Store in Daventry. Whilst walking viewers around her store, Cheryl highlights the fantastic networking opportunities and educational programme that come with membership. Another benefit, of course, is being able to download a free copy of Cheryl’s brilliant book How to Start & Run a Successful Health Store!

We would really appreciate it, if you would tell us why you are a passionate member of Health Stores UK. To create your video, all you need is a smart phone, a willing team member to do the filming, and a short, upbeat message to deliver to camera and about the benefits to your of business – and you personally – of being a Health Stores UK member. Be yourself, feel free to move around your store and create separate clips if it’s easier. We’ll take care of the editing. 

If you’d like to take part, simply create your video or clips (totalling no more 2 minutes) and email or WeTransfer them to

We’ll be screening the edited videos on our social media channels and encouraging Partners and trade press to share them with the wider industry. 

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