Health Stores UK helps indie retailers ‘Take on Goliath’ 

Health Stores UK is partnering with leading small business mentoring specialist Take on Goliath, in a move designed to help members grow their business and be able to compete more effectively with bigger high street rivals. 

Take on Goliath is led by respected business mentor and coach, Dave Christie. Specialising in family-run and independent businesses, he also has a wide knowledge of the independent health food retail scene and experience with leading natural products brands and wholesalers. 

As part of Take on Goliath’s new role as a Health Stores UK Partner, Christie will be hosting a free monthly online workshop exclusively for members. He explains: “This regular online format means that lots of different stores will be able to get involved. I’ll working closely with retailers to create a programme of topics they would like covered. But likely themes will include how Indies can maximise opportunities working with brands and how stores can attract new customers into store. We’ll also be covering some more generalised business advice, where we will draw on experience and learnings of the whole group, utilising that knowledge and passing it on for the benefit of other members”. 

Take on Goliath will also be offering 1-2-1 sessions with Health Stores UK members at a generous 60% off its normal rates. These sessions start by gaining a ‘state of the nation’ picture of the business, then work towards developing a tailored strategy of actions to improve performance across the whole business. Using a personal ‘accountability calendar’, store owners are then asked to chart actions they have implemented and measure improvements. “Showing measurable improvements is really important, because when we see tangible improvements we are prepared to invest the time to take our business to the next level,” says Christie. 

Welcoming Take On Goliath on board as a new Partner, Health Stores UK chair, Len Glenville, said: “With Dave’s business mentoring background and wide knowledge of health food retailing, we think Take on Goliath is great fit for us as a Health Stores UK Partner. We look forward to working with Dave, and share his vision of a confident and stronger independent health store sector.” 

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