How harder working windows can capture new customers

“Your store window should be a conversation starter with the people who walk past your shop every day, but who don’t necessarily come in. Think of your windows as a highly effective tool to capture new customers.” 

That was Dave Christie’s introduction to this week’s Health Stores UK Workshop, co-hosted by Take on Goliath

In a lively, interactive session Dave and the retailers who joined the discussion came up with a whole range of tips and suggestions for harder working windows – and examples of proven successes: 

Tell your story
“Your window needs to tell your story by the time someone has walked the length of your shopfront. You have to catch their attention, literally at slow walking space.”

Decide what you want to say
“Decide what message you want to get over. The most effective messaging often conveys empathy and support (for example, ‘we think this might help you with …’). Talk to people, not at them.”

Get creative, and work to a theme
“Creative, personalised windows help draw new customers in, particularly younger consumers. They are especially suited to themed selling events such as Valentines Day or generic health issues.

Collaborate with your local art college or school
“If you’re not creatively confident yourself, set a challenge for a talented art student, or run a ‘best windows idea’ competition”.  

Give gifting a go
“Adding gifting lines into your window mix can have a big impact. I’ve literally had people coming into the shop saying ‘can I have this item, or that product that’s in the window’.”

Disruptor windows
“Use your windows to disrupt people’s pre-conceived ideas about what a health stores is, and looks like.”

Keep it simple
“Simple window display ideas, with a large centrepiece are often the most effective. Avoid cluttered displays made up of multiple small items.”

Make it easy
“Branded point of sale material and window displays offer an easy win in lots of situations. Lean on creative, supportive brands to take some of the pain away!”  

Share your windows on your socials
“Don’t forget to show off your window displays on your social media channels. It’s an effective way to remind people where you are, and what you do.”

Watch out for topics and dates for future Health Store UK Workshops at the Health Stores UK website.

Main image by Harold Wijnholds on Unsplash

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