Lively Shop Talk session highlights opportunity to ‘empower men to prioritise their health’

A lively and well attended Shop Talk session has shone a light on the important issue of men’s health. 

The session was introduced by Shop Talk regulars Vicky Perks (Beanfreaks) and Joanne Hill (Amaranth), who set the scene before handing over to guest presenter Orley Moyal, Education & Training Manager at Terranova.

Vicky said that men’s health was an important category for her stores in Cardiff. But she had learned to be aware of the sensitivities around some aspects of men’s health, particularly men’s sexual health. “Some problems can be embarrassing or uncomfortable for both store staff and customers. And for cultural reasons, there may be particular embarrassment for men from certain ethnic backgrounds.”

Jo said that demographics often determined the types of advice that men seek. In her store, concerns around sleep and digestive health are more of a discussion point than male reproductive issues. She also agreed that cultural background probably influences a willingness to discuss certain health concerns. 

For the main part of the session, Orley first set out the Top Five Male Health Concerns –  heart disease and stroke, cancer (particularly lung, colorectal and prostate cancer), mental health and respiratory diseases) as defined by the WHO. She said that addressing male health concerns “requires a multifaceted approach, including stress management, promoting healthier lifestyles, and raising awareness about the importance of risk prevention and healthcare.”

That multifaceted approach should include addressing nutrient and dietary deficiencies, providing the fuel and tools to support function and structure, but also advising on beneficial lifestyle improvements and harmonising hormones. Health stores, she said, play an important role in “empowering men to prioritise their health, leading to healthier, happier individuals and stronger communities”. 

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